After a flu shot, I became paralyzed and although I can walk again, I have drop foot on both feet and I found braces to be ugly and uncomfortable. Upon trying this product, tears rolled down my face because of the relief and freedom of the FlopStop. I can now go to the beach and wear sandals without feeling self conscious. I don’t have to worry anymore about whether my braces will fit underneath my pants or stress about the limitations of my footwear. I’m so incredibly appreciative and happy that these are available. I was about to buy custom braces for over $3,600. Now I can spend that money on new shoes. 😉 Just kidding. But I will purchase some new sandals. Summer, here I come! Thank you so much.

Cynthia – Canada

“Oh my GOD the FlopStop works!  After eight years of thinking about my next step, I don’t have to.

Thanks so much”

Steven – United Kingdom

” I’m loving my Flopstops more each day. I’m now able to walk around my house without a cane. My left ankle roles in; so, I’ve put the strap there rather than the back of my ankle. It keeps it stable. I’ve never worn other braces so I can’t make a comparison, but these are certainly working well for me. Thank you.

-Susan “

Susan – UK
Good morning!
I just want to tell you I think FlopStop is a miracle fix for my drop foot gait.  I can’t explain it, but they definitely have helped me.  I’m not tripping and falling anymore.  I wear sandals year round, so the FlopStops work well on my sandals, which happen to be Clarks.
Thank you for inventing these!
Joan – USA