“Oh my GOD the FlopStop works!  After eight years of thinking about my next step, I don’t have to.

Thanks so much”

Steven – United Kingdom

” I’m loving my Flopstops more each day. I’m now able to walk around my house without a cane. My left ankle roles in; so, I’ve put the strap there rather than the back of my ankle. It keeps it stable. I’ve never worn other braces so I can’t make a comparison, but these are certainly working well for me. Thank you.

-Susan “

Susan – UK
Good morning!
I just want to tell you I think FlopStop is a miracle fix for my drop foot gait.  I can’t explain it, but they definitely have helped me.  I’m not tripping and falling anymore.  I wear sandals year round, so the FlopStops work well on my sandals, which happen to be Clarks.
Thank you for inventing these!
Joan – USA

Hi Tanya

I received the Flopstop last Thursday.  I have worn it and found it to be very good once properly adjusted to take care of the swing of the foot.  The instructions  were very good and it is far better than the orthotic.  Very impressed indeed.  I  showed it to my physiotherapist yesterday and he was impressed.  I am pleased I found your website when searching for an alternative which was less cumbersome.  So thanks Tanya, it is a good invention.

Feel free to use my email as you wish as The FopStop is the best thing I have come across and I will be telling anyone that has a need for a foot lift.


Thanks Tanya.


Cheers Bill




Bill – Australia