How to Use the FlopStop

The FlopStop is designed for a range of uses amongst a wide variety of people however, it is extremely easy to adjust.  Simply wrap the foam padding around your ankle and hook onto your shoe.  The FlopStop does need to be fairly tight in order to be effective.  The further you hook the bungee down your laces or shoe, the tighter it will be, or try crisscrossing to adjust the tension.

If you need a little more lift, simply tie a knot in the bungee cord and pull tight.  The knot should be made between the hook and the foam padding.

If it’s too short, simply give the bungee cord a stretch.

To avoid any pressure on your heel and to work your FlopStop in, it’s best to remove while seated or when it’s not needed, until you get used to it.

You can still return The FlopStop for a full refund if you’ve made modifications to the cord.


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My husband and I invented the FlopStop out of sheer necessity. We travel quite a bit and he was only able to walk for short distances and had trouble navigating stairs. We tried everything on the market and found that nothing suited him, our lifestyle or our pocket book.   Also, a huge pain going through security at the airport. So we just kept trying different things, until we found one that worked!


Not only did his invention of The FlopStop put all those nagging questions to bed, but it solved a long list of other problems found with traditional AFO braces. Gone were the hot sweaty lower legs and ankles, as well as the general discomfort experienced from wearing a hard plastic brace for periods longer than an hour. Walking comfortably in crowds, wearing shorts instead of long pants in the summer, and sandals without socks were now all finally back on the table.

The FlopStop was intended to be a personal solution for what was always an uncomfortable, unavoidable topic thanks to bulky AFO bracing. After developing, testing and refining The FlopStop for personal use over the course of a few very busy years full of travel, it became evident that this was a product millions of drop foot sufferers could benefit from.

The original FlopStop prototype stood up to the rigors of uneven boardwalk strolls along Venice Beach, California, rolling paths down to the shores of Okanagan Lake, BC, crowded Vancouver city sidewalks and countless airports. It passed the test with no distressing falls and more importantly, not one question of “What happened to your foot?” ever being asked.

Isn’t it time you welcomed back the summer?