The FlopStop was intended to be a personal solution for what was always an uncomfortable, unavoidable topic thanks to bulky AFO bracing. After developing, testing and refining The FlopStop for personal use over the course of a few very busy years full of travel, it became evident that this was an AFO product millions of drop foot sufferers could benefit from.\

The FlopStop allows you to get your gait back to near normal and then maintain it.


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The FlopStop. Inventors of an AFO for drop foot that will finally allow you to drop the questions, not your foot. Regularly $149 now priced as low as $98 for a limited time!



The FlopStop is a discreet ankle brace orthotic invented by a drop foot sufferer. Our unobtrusive drop foot device allows sufferers of left or right foot drop to even wear sandals so long as there is something for the product to attach to. We include detailed instruction on how to attach and adjust our affordable AFO solution for drop foot and every FlopStop is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know our drop foot brace will help you get back out to enjoy life again while being more confident in your walking ability along the way. So what are you waiting for? Order The FlopStop now and take back your life!